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Core ID Services provides real help for identity fraud and identity theft. We provide the most comprehensive monitoring and managed recovery services possible to identity fraud and identity theft victims. Starting with just one phone call, we are able to handle all aspects of resolving identity fraud or identity theft.

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About Core ID Services

Core ID Services was created to provide real help for identity theft through sophisticated fraud detection capabilities and the fastest, most thorough recovery process. Our suite of services provides the most innovative and customer-centric identity theft solutions in the market today. Our mission is to maintain the highest standards of integrity and customer service, while offering solutions that meet or exceed industry best practices, to provide the best identity theft solutions in the industry.



Client Benefits

Cyber Intel and Awareness

  • Business Services
  • Domain Monitoring
  • End-user Protection
  • Plan Highlights

Identity Protection Solutions

  • Personal Identity Theft Protection
  • Personal Identity Theft Recovery

Business Protection from Cyber Threats

  • Real-Time access, Alerts, and Information
  • Prevent Illegal ATO and Phishing
  • Eliminate Third-Party Data Breach Notifications